The orphaned cat squealed all over the street (video)

The shy 10-day-old kitty was all alone outside. No matter how people searched for the mother cat, she was not around – and they decided to urgently help the little orphan.

This orphaned baby was picked up on the streets of Los Angeles in the middle of the night. The baby was all alone, and her mother was not around. She squealed all over the street, and people decided to help her by delivering Baby Kitten Rescue to the local shelter.

The kitty was named Clove. No matter how people tried to look for her mother in the area, they never succeeded. The shelter staff determined that the baby was only 10 days old, and began to feed her by the hour from a syringe. She was covered with fleas, for which she was immediately treated.

The cat was still very weak, so the volunteers were worried about her condition. They started giving her medicines and antibiotics to keep her going through the difficult journey. Fortunately, they soon saw hope – Clow began to move more, and she had an appetite.

The baby had more and more energy, and she even began to sit in the arms of her guardian after each feeding. She was grateful for the love and care. A few days later, the kitty blossomed, and no longer hidden her loud voice to ask for food or affection.

Clow has become the sweetest, most affectionate and curious creature. When the time came, they began to look for owners for her – and one family fell in love with this miracle. Now Clow lives with loving owners. Thanks to the kind people who saved her!

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