“Stopped time”: 55-year-old Cindy Crawford pleased her subscribers with spicy pictures

Despite his age, the famous supermodel S. Crawford looks great. And her new pictures are only confirmation of this.

So, a few days ago, Cindy posted fresh footage that was taken by the pool on her social media page. Recall that in the 80-the 90s, an American regularly appeared on the covers of the most famous glossy magazines.

Many years have passed, and she still looks gorgeous, being an example for many of her life. In the photo, the model appeared in a merged bathing suit. Apparently, Cindy does not lose her grip, because in the frame she looked just great.

It’s hard not to compliment Crawford on her choice of bathing suit, because it perfectly emphasized her slender figure and long legs. This was also noted by celebrity subscribers, who literally bombarded her with compliments in the comments.

Many of them agreed that Cindy somehow managed to stop time. “Fantastic figure”, “You were my favorite model in childhood and still remain it”, “Gorgeous woman, ” write netizens in the comments.

Recall that the beautiful Cindy was married to R. Gere for 4 years. In the late 90s, she married a second time, and R. Gerber became her new chosen one. In this marriage, the couple had two wonderful children.

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