The owner arranged a check of the restaurants with fantasy: he dressed up as a bum. How employees behaved, feeling complete impunity

Monsieur Amado is 64 years old. His life was interesting, he did what he loved, enjoyed every day, and created a chain of restaurants in the capital of France. Alas, by the end of his life, the doctors had nothing to please him: they found a fatal illness in him. But Monsieur Amado did not want to spend the remaining days in the hospital room, he was more interested in doing something useful for people in the end.

There are many people in France who need help. He founded a charitable foundation to help children, the homeless, and orphans. He himself was an orphan who pulled out a lucky ticket, only he never started a family. But he considered his own employees to be the closest people.

And so he decided to find out if he could trust them in the last business of his life. Find out how his restaurant chain treats people in need. To do this, he went around all the establishments, dressed as a homeless old man – and was very upset by the attitude of employees toward an unfamiliar tramp.

He started with the chain’s most popular restaurant. Located in a good place, it brought the greatest revenue. Alas, Monsieur Amado could not even go inside. The “homeless man” complained: he had not eaten anything for a long time, he asked for a piece of bread or at least a drink of water. But the manager said:

First, wash and change into something normal. Maybe then we’ll let you look out the window as decent people dine.

Monsieur Amado understood: that expensive restaurants do nothing to help poor people. He was bitter because he taught employees to take care of any client, no matter what their life situation is today. He hoped his business benefited people, and not only made the rich richer but gave lovers of pathos another reason to show off.

Monsieur Amado did not visit the next restaurant, which was located in a beautiful park. Security at the entrance even to the park did not let him through. The owner of the restaurant did not leave the image, he proved: that he is a person, like everyone around. And has the right to enter the park. The guard listened to the persistent bum and called the manager. The bum told Tom that he often visited this restaurant, and dined with Amado himself, but today his life is not going in the best way.

Hey, grandfather, it’s me – Amado, and something I don’t remember having lunch with you, get out! The old man went from restaurant to restaurant and thought: how many people in trouble could he feed if he had thought a little earlier about how beggars are treated in his business. How many lives would be saved if he helped them hold out for a little while until things took a turn for the better?

At the end of his tour, he went to his very first restaurant.

Open on the outskirts, not in the best location.

Until now, it was run by a wonderful employee who started here and did not seek to pursue success and prestige. They let him into this establishment, but they still did not give him food. Even his best employee, whom Amado respected, treated the homeless with contempt, they say, there is no place for vagrants here, let him go to special canteens.

Amado was ready to sob, for nothing more than a grown man. He was the only restaurant in the suburbs, near the lake. He even thought, there is no point in going there, so the picture is clear. But felt the need to get around each.

The manager of the out-of-town restaurant had just gone outside to breathe. Amado approached him, said: they drove him everywhere, but can I eat? Give me a piece of bread.

The manager said: the tables are occupied, wait, friend …

Amado stood bewildered. It seems that they were not rude, but deftly got rid of it. Waited to see if the manager would come out or not. And he felt: he had nowhere else to go as if he had really lost everything.

But after a couple of hours, a waiter suddenly approached the man and called him inside. And there is a laid table!

The bum sat down, began to eat, and the manager sat down next to him. Told:

You know, grandfather. I was once like those who chase you. But after the accident, he lost his wife. He drank and drank the business. Once my master believed in me, gave me a job… Now I work here, and I also try to give you a chance, everything will get better for you…Amado came to the restaurant the next day, already clean, shaved, and well dressed. Having managed to dismiss all the managers, except for one. It was he who inherited the business of Monsieur Amado, though not soon. His health really improved, and Monsieur Amado managed to do many more good deeds.

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