The owner left his dog to die in the oil pit

Maria, a girl who brought a dog to the doorstep in an incredibly anxious state, turned to the “Friend” shelter. The poor animal was covered from head to toe with a thick substance resembling fuel oil. It was not washed by any simple means, but the shelter staff, despite the workload, simply could not refuse to help, and nevertheless took the victim under their care.

As it turned out, the dog fell into a pit with oil products, and when its owner found out about it, he simply decided to leave the pet there. Fortunately, the caring Maria, who decided to help the poor fellow, noticed the animal. Not everyone would have done the same in her place!

The dog was given the name Smally and began to remove a layer of fuel oil from it by all available means. Shelter staff washed her with various means, used ointments, carefully trimmed her hair – almost nothing helped. Oil products departed very slowly and reluctantly. It got to the point that some of the volunteers stayed at the shelter until late at night, trying to rid Smally of the substance that was causing her pain.

For several weeks, people tried in every possible way to help Smalley. She was smeared with oil and wrapped in bandages, trying to soak the fuel oil, washed with a special means. The dog endured everything heroically, although it was clearly hard for her.

In the end, all the efforts of people were not in vain! Smalley, after a long time, managed to completely get rid of the fuel oil, and now only the fur that had not had time to grow was reminded of what had happened. The girl began to actively eat, take an interest in what is happening, walk and make friends with other dogs. For everyone who helped Smalley, it was a real victory.

Having survived all the difficulties, Smalley settled in one of the enclosures of the shelter. Affable, friendly, open to people – she was not embittered by the incident that happened to her. However, Smally really wanted to quickly find owners and become loved, however, like any other dog.

For a little over a year, Smalley lived at the Friend until she was noticed by a very kind and animal-loving woman. She decided to give the tenacious dog home and, as a result, did not regret her choice at all.

Beauty Smally has been happily living with her owner for 4 years now. During her life, our heroine had to go through many adventures, survive betrayal and believe in people again – it’s good that this story has a happy ending!

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