The owner made the decision to push his terminally ill dog to his favorite hiking location!

As pets age, their owners become more concerned for them because they worry that they won’t be able to provide them with the required attention. There are instances where elderly animals have mobility issues. Some owners make an effort to assist their animals with mobility. One man made the choice to travel with his dog before it passed away!

 Carlos Fresco frequently traveled and went on excursions with his 10-year-old pet dog. 


“I found it hard to comprehend that Monty had leukemia and that his days were numbered. We had a lot of plans, and I couldn’t let Monty leave this world without seeing Pen-and-Fun in the Welsh Brecon Beacons, which was one of his favorite trekking destinations, Carlos told SWNS. 


Carlos used a wheelbarrow to help Monty reach the summit of the hill because he knew he couldn’t manage it on his own. 


The wheelbarrow caught the attention of everyone turning around, and those who learned of the situation were unable to contain their tears. 

“This small guy got people to reflect on how fleeting life is. He was very unique. Peace be with you, baby! Carlos spoke to SWNS.


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