“The Perfect Female Beauty!” Paparazzi Showed Kassel’s Wife On Vacation

The actor Vincent Cassel wed a young fashion model in 2018. Tina Kunaki, a lady who is 31 years his junior, was ultimately substituted by the French actor for Monica Bellucci. Despite having a stark age difference, the couple managed to establish a stable household and become parents to a lovely kid named Amazoni.

Photographers recently came upon the 25-year-old Kunaki when she was on vacation. “Luxurious lady,” “Ideal of feminine beauty,” “Statuette,” and “Vincent was lucky with women: Bellucci, Kunaki,” and “So Young” is among adjectives that describe her. What did she learn about Kassel?

The paparazzi had written, “And grandfather is in demand among beauties,” “Goddess,” and “It’s hard to turn away from this beauty,” under the photos.

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