The picture of a stray dog sleeping with his fluffy ”friend” immediately went viral touching millions of hearts

Unfortunately, there are a lot of stray dogs in Houston; perhaps this is because so many people leave them there alone.

Many stray dogs are being saved thanks to the great staff at the 5th Ward Project, and thanks to their efforts, they also quickly find their forever homes.

Another stray puppy, whose picture just went viral online, is today’s hero.

He faced numerous hardships while residing on the chilly streets and just having his plush toy as a buddy.

Animal lovers’ hearts have been broken by his photo with his toy. The puppy slept out next to his beloved teddy bear.

One of the group’s volunteers decided to snap a picture of the abandoned puppy and publish it online when he spotted it.

Unfortunately, they were unable to transport this puppy at the time since their van was already completely filled.

They made the fast decision to leave the dogs behind and return later to save the sleeping dog.

But sadly, when they came back, the dog and his stuffed animal just vanished.

When they began looking about at that point, they discovered 89-year-old Calvin.

He lived nearby, and when the volunteers asked him why the dog had vanished that day, he said that he always fed it.

The volunteers made the decision to keep looking, and they won’t let up until they find the dog.

Sadly, the tale hasn’t yet achieved its happy conclusion, but we’re confident they’ll be able to find the adorable puppy and give him the life he deserves. Let’s offer them prayers.

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