The poor puppy was thrown away like garbage, but luckily the rescuers managed to find him… (video)

The unfortunate dog was abandoned like trash, but fortunately, someone phoned for aid before it was too late, saving him.

Aw Squadron was informed about the dog and hurried over to assist it, but they had to search all around since they were unsure of the puppy’s exact location.

The dog they were seeking was immediately visible in the concrete hole and they finally started to hear some sounds.

The dog was in acute need of assistance because of its dire predicament.

Fortunately, instead of caring for him, they were able to release him from the suffering that those horrible individuals had inflicted on him.

We animal lovers will never comprehend how these helpless animals may be treated inhumanely.

The puppy was given food and drink while in the arms of his savior, and after that, he was taken to his new home.

Sadly, it quickly became apparent that the dog had significant problems.

He was also having trouble swallowing his meals since he was so weak.

They still had to wait to learn what was wrong with the dog because when they went to the doctor they found that the dog had a fever.

The dog was immediately diagnosed with arvo and coronaviruses, and his chances of life were quite slim.

Despite everything, the rescue squad remained optimistic and prepared to fight until the last end.

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