The poor stray cat with frostbitten ears approached to a rescuer to ask for help…

The cat made the decision to contact someone for assistance after spending a long time prowling the streets and waiting for assistance.

Meagan is one of the PuppyKitty NYCity rescuers who got to know this affectionate cat.

Tabby instantly approached the rescuer to plead for assistance after doing everything to catch her attention.

He must have spent a lot of time outside in the cold.

Megan brought the cat to a shelter right away and took care of him.

The cat was relieved to be protected and no longer had to spend the night outside on the chilly streets.

He continued to be enthusiastic since he was so appreciative of Megan. He was always snarling and giving everyone a hug.

Sweety is really outgoing and gets along nicely with the other cats at the shelter.

He underwent a thorough examination and was sterilized before starting therapy. Day by day, he got considerably more animated and lively.

He would frequently flip over on his back and play with his favorite toys.

Megan hoped to find a loving family that would take care of him for the rest of his life after she was fully recovered and prepared for adoption.

A few weeks later, Sweety’s next wish was realized.

Over the holidays, he met a great family who instantly fell in love with him.

Sweetie is currently living life to the fullest with her new family.

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