The previously “broken” dog became the happiest now and can’t stop smiling even for a minute

When he initially arrived at the shelter, everyone referred to him as being “broken.”

The argument is that the dog, Sanford, was shot in the leg in addition to being run over.

He never allowed anyone to approach him and always sat in a corner of the shelter.

He appeared to have lost all hope and was utterly crushed, yet life once again proved that anything may happen at any time.

His foster mother exposed him to other dogs once he arrived there, and from that point on he couldn’t stop grinning for even a little period of time.

It appeared as though he had changed into an entirely new dog.

Sanford is the happiest dog she has ever encountered, according to his foster mother.

Although she has already taken care of 52 pets, she has never seen anything like this.

“He gives me the most loving gaze that no other animal, human, or even my pets have ever given me. I am excited.”

Everyone thought there was little hope left for him, but the 10-year-old dog astonished everyone by being so energetic and active for his age.

The adorable puppy is about to go into his permanent home where he will definitely bring immense delight to everyone since he has the happiest smile imaginable. So adorable!!

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