The puppies, while playing, landed in the tar… And if it weren’t for these people, the puppies would be in trouble!

It’s good that there are people who can put their affairs aside just to help an animal!

A puddle of tar near a construction site is a common occurrence. You will find this in every country and in every city. But sometimes people forget what a danger it poses to animals!

At Kanjirappalli in India, a dog gave birth to puppies. She chose a place just next to the construction site.

When the kids grew up and started running, they accidentally wandered into a puddle of tar and, of course, got stuck. Seven puppies were glued to the resin under the scorching sun …

Mom and two more babies came running to the crying kids. They were crying looking at what happened to the other puppies…

Alas, no one knew about what had happened for several days! Luckily, the babies in the resin were noticed by children. They turned to the animal rescue group for help.

Immediately on social networks, there was a post about the kids in trouble! Eight people volunteered to help and immediately went to free the little captives.

The puppies were very ill … The bodies of some babies were already covered with larvae.

The men who came to save the poor things cut open the barrel and began to scrub the resin with vegetable oil and diesel fuel.

By dawn everything was ready! The puppies were taken to the veterinary clinic for examination, where doctors prescribed treatment for the babies.

Now both the puppies and their mother are in overexposure, but many people want to take them home!

Thank God, the crumbs are getting better, and getting ready to meet a new family…

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