The puppy resided in a boot until he was rescued by a volunteer; the puppy is now unrecognizable

The life of a homeless animal is difficult, lasting only 3-5 years on average. The causes are illness, inadequate nutrition, and accidents. The ranks of “homeless children” are constantly refilled as a result of unregulated procreation and human irresponsibility. Fortunately, more and more people are becoming involved in their fate, thus Goran Marinkovic, a volunteer from Serbia, became a good angel for an abandoned puppy.

 A guy feeds a bunch of homeless animals who dwell near a rubbish dump on a regular basis. 

As usual, he arrived in March last year with food for his patients and inadvertently studied a wretched mass in the distance. Goran got closer and noticed a little puppy. The dog appeared worse than ever, thin, malnourished, and with painful eyes. He didn’t even flee, but instead laid next to a discarded shoe, in which he was evidently sheltering from the weather. Goran handed him some food, which he enthusiastically ate. 

He knew he couldn’t allow the infant to die because there were no other pups around or a nursing mother. The man walked away with the pet. He named the puppy Smesten and abandoned him at his home. The infant was given the appropriate medicine, as well as lots of food and attention.

 He grew into a joyful and curious young dog after six months.

 Smesten has settled in nicely in Goran’s house and enjoys the volunteer’s numerous dogs’ collective pranks.

 You don’t recognize the scoundrel that he was before finding his adoring owner in an enthusiastic and sociable dog. 

Goran Marinkovic feels that any assistance will be beneficial to neglected animals. If desired, anybody may become a savior for the four-legged homeless, but the most important thing is to remember your responsibilities before bringing a pet into the house. Animals become homeless as a result of careless owners who do not want to tamper with their younger siblings or leave an unexpected child in excellent hands.

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