The puppy that lived on the street in an old shoe finally found a loving family!

When Goran Marinkovic leaves the house, he never goes without food. He gives food to stray animals when he strolls the streets of Kraljevo, Serbia.

Thanks to this man, almost 100 stray dogs and cats do not go hungry and receive their daily bread. Goran met a small dog in March of last year who left a lasting impression on him.

“The dog screamed and squeaked like a baby. She was really petite. The poor man was absolutely worn out by the cold and hunger. The dog needed care and attention, so I gave her the food I had left, but it wasn’t enough,” Marinkovic told The Dodo.

The small puppy had a home inside an old boot that protected it from the elements. The puppy was highly friendly; when Marinkovic approached her and started to touch her, she instantly laid down on her back and started to play.

The tiny puppy captured Marinkovitch’s heart, and he was unable to leave her behind. He took the dog to the veterinarian.

Koko, as Marinkovitch referred to her, gradually made a full recovery. She proved to be a very vivacious and happy puppy that brightened his day with her amusing antics.

Many people wanted to adopt Coco after Marinkovic shared pictures of the puppy on Facebook.
Marinkovic sought to place Coco in the ideal house. She traveled to her new home in Germany after having all the necessary vaccinations.

Koko has been around for a year now, and she no longer resembles the ill puppy that Marinkovitch once saved. The most important thing is that Coco is content.

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