The puppy traveled thousands of kilometers to reach the girl who saved him

While serving overseas, a military female called Webb discovered a little abandoned dog who was entirely vulnerable in comparison to her colleagues.

A young US Armed Forces sergeant took pity on the poor man and chose to take him for herself.

The puppy was given the simple moniker Puppup, which means “puppy.” Webb worked hard to ensure that the puppy grew up healthy and strong, spending all of her free time with her and making it plain in every way that she was adored.

And then, all of a sudden, their circumstances changed dramatically: they were ordered to return to their homeland. And, as fate would have it, it was essential to fly off immediately with an airline that forbade the transfer of animals on board.

Webb had to say goodbye to a new buddy with whom he had just begun to form tight, almost familial ties.

Then an organization that specialized in such circumstances stepped in to help. “Paws of War” is the name of the game. In record time, members of this group arranged for the dog to be flown back to its owner after clearing all of the necessary veterinary and quarantine processes.

Waiting for the plane, there was even overexposure. All of these treatments were carried out at the cost of this charity organization, and the joyful hostess was soon reunited with her ward, who had missed her.

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