“The Queen would not have approved.” Middleton in a miniskirt played tennis, upsetting fans

People doubted that members of the royal family were supposed to appear in this form in public.

In her forties, Kate Middleton maintains an active lifestyle; for instance, a video of a lady playing tennis with a professional athlete recently surfaced online.

Kate wore short skirt-shorts typical of the court and a dark blue blazer with white geometric accents. She had no makeup on and had pushed back a portion of her dark hair with ease. It’s important to note that the woman appears absolutely stunning in these photos; she’s fit, joyful, and active.

Yet right away, there was a significant buzz in the comments—one that was very different. Someone commented on a woman’s stunning appearance and expressed how much they enjoyed the fact that she played sports.

Some, however, questioned whether royal family members should have appeared in a public-like manner.

Even the Duchess of Cambridge was the target of comments from haters.

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