The rescued beagle got so excited when he walked in the grass for the first time (video)

It was also a great joy for the family to see the prosperity and enthusiasm of their foster dog.

Sami is one of the hundreds who made it through challenging circumstances and is now beginning a new life.

Even the most fundamental joys enjoyed by pups had been denied to him.

Sami is now a member of a great family after being eventually put in his new foster home.

They warmly volunteered to welcome the miraculous kid into their house.

He was at first fairly bashful, but after a few days in the welcoming family setting, everything changed.

He wouldn’t even move a few feet from the dog bed he had in the room.

It was understandable that it was the result of spending a long period in hard conditions since he just enjoyed it.

But now that everything has passed, Sami is savoring each day of his new existence.

He soon discovered grass in the yard as well. He was overjoyed to be at such a location for the first time.

Within a short period of time, he transformed from a timid dog to an animated and joyful puppy.

The foster dog’s success and enthusiasm delighted the family as well.

They are certain that Sami’s example will inspire others to adopt one of these beagles and provide them the enjoyment they so well deserve.

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