The rescued German Shepherd saved the life of his daddy keeping him alive after a stroke

Sadie, you are a wonderful boy and you deserve to be the happiest.

The puppy he had just a few months earlier saved his life.

Their rendezvous was far more emotional than the day they initially met since Myers was in the hospital.

When he was transported to an animal shelter, Myers saved a dog by the name of Sadie.

The shelter’s staff did everything possible to find him a new home, but it proved to be extremely challenging, and they were beginning to lose faith that the 6-year-old shepherd dog would find a new family.

The problem is that this dog began to become anxious when he encountered mankind and acted irrationally to defend himself.

But the moment he met this man, everything in his life was altered. They had just been acquaintances for thirty minutes.

Within minutes, it appeared as though the anxieties had subsided. At first glance, there was love.

So they enjoyed their time together as they returned home. But after a while, Myers will never forget an incident that occurred in their home.

It was the night when Myers developed sudden health issues and suffered a stroke.

He lost feeling in his left side. Sadie began attempting to resuscitate her father as soon as she realized that he need emergency assistance.

The dog kept close by his side, licking his face nonstop for even a minute. He was also barking, hoping someone would hear and come to his aid.

When no one arrived, Sadie then dragged him across the room to the phone using all his power.

Myers was able to call for assistance because of it.

Thus, the amazing dog saved his father’s life, and it is unknown what would have happened if it weren’t for him.

When they were finally reunited, it was such an amazing day.

Myers even broke down in tears when his favorite son leaped into his arms and kissed him all over.

– Sadie, you are a wonderful boy and you deserve to be the happiest.

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