The retriever saved the fawn and this was the beginning of a new friendship (photos)

Retriever named Charlie has always been very smart and quick-witted. He was distinguished by his incredible friendliness and ability to learn.

The dog loved his owner very much and therefore always tried to do what the owner asks. Its owner, a man named John, could not have imagined then that Charlie would ever save someone’s life.

At one point, John noticed that his dog had disappeared somewhere. The man began to look for him everywhere and could not find him anywhere. Then he remembered how much Charlie loves water and went to the lake.

Coming to the lake, John noticed a very unusual picture of his dog holding a baby deer.

Without thinking twice, the man ran up to them and helped the animal to get out of the water. After the baby was on the shore, his mother immediately ran up and took him into the forest.

The next day the deer came back to the lake. And John caught his pet when he licked the baby. And so began this amazing friendship.

Now the deer constantly visits the dog with his mother and plays with him in the glade.

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