The second wife of Bruce Willis is 23 years younger than the actor. View the model’s photos!

Bruce Willis, a well-known actor, turned 65 on April 15. Despite his elderly age, he continues to perform in action movies and is in good health.

The actor will soon be visible on the “McLain” movie screen. McLane’s hero, played by Willis, saved a number of people from the terrorists who had taken over the building.

We have gathered some information on the actor’s spouses and daughters, despite the fact that he prefers not to talk about his personal life.

Famous Willis’ first wife was actress Demi Moore. Demi Moore wasn’t popular when she wed Willis. She had only lately started her career. Many questioned their union and foresaw its short lifespan because Willis was widely known for his addiction to a wild lifestyle.

But Willis changed and became a perfect family man. The two served as an example for 11 years. They have three daughters. But they broke apart. Later on, Willis dated well-known musicians and actresses. Prior to meeting an English model 10 years later, he had no plans to get married.

Her name was Emma Heming. The model was much younger than the actor. Their ages differed by 23 years! Bruce, who was gorgeous, couldn’t resist flirting with the model because of her beauty and freshness.

Their relationship ended in marriage. Two girls were born to Willis’ young wife. Currently, the actor has five daughters. Emma got along with Willis’ elder daughters without any difficulty. They mingle and take part in family gatherings.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming are happy. They are raising children. While he continues to be extremely busy with his work, the actor’s wife has concentrated exclusively on her family and children.

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