The secret life of herbivores: hares eat meat (video)

We used to think that bunnies are such cute herbivores that love carrots and have soft fur. That’s just not the case in the wild. Hares have developed a steady aggressive and vicious temperament in order to survive.

In the Czech Republic, hares gather in flocks and arrange entire settlements. They grow to the size of an average dog and occupy entire garbage heaps. There they eat by no means carrots, protecting their territory from dogs.

We are used to seeing decorative rabbits most often, which draw very cutely, eat vegetables and are very cowardly. Wild hares are not so fluffy.

Residents of the Far North know that hares do not really like carrots. Partridge hunters often met hares, which took their prey from them. Wild hares have long sharp claws and strong teeth. They eat meat easily.

Officially, this fact was confirmed by biologists from the University of Toronto and Alberta. They conducted research near the Canadian lake Kluane, where the carcasses of animals were scattered. In addition to the usual scavengers, hares also managed to taste meat. Biologists attribute this to the fact that the spring and summer diet of “eared” is quite wide, but in winter it is very scarce. Therefore, in winter, hares do not disdain carrion.

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