The store opens its doors for stray dogs to cool off on hot summer days

We know this small act of kindness meant the world to this stray.

Stray animals can have a very difficult life. They are entirely exposed to the weather conditions and must obtain their food and water since they have nowhere to go because they have no house or shelter.

Numerous tales of dogs suffering in the bitter weather and the generous establishments that opened their doors to keep them warm have been told to us. However, because dogs are also vulnerable to intense heat, one establishment decided it was best to bring a dog inside to cool down on a particularly hot day. A stray dog from Mexico visited a nearby market, where he had been appearing for the previous few days, on a sweltering 104°F day.

The store’s employee reportedly stated, “He has been here for the past [few] days,” according to The Dodo. “We believe his owner abandoned him. He asked for our assistance. We were only able to buy him some toys from the shop with our own money, food, and drink.

However, they decided to take it a step further on this sweltering day and allowed the dog inside to cool down. The dog appeared to like this break from the sweltering heat because he promptly curled up to sleep on the aisle floor.

The cashier explained, “We let him inside because it’s hell outside.” Although we feel awful for him, he appears happier when he is in the store.

Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada, a client at the market for some milk, decided to purchase the dog a treat as a result of the clerks’ generosity.

Adolfo said to The Dodo, “I felt horrible for what the dog had to go through. But now he’s getting the affection he deserves.

I appreciate this shop allowing this dog access to their space. We are aware of how much this little deed of goodwill meant to the wanderer.

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