The Style Evolution of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen from Childhood to Today

The adorable tiny Olsen twins from the popular 90s sitcom “Me and My Shadow” have grown into grown-up independent women who have transitioned from acting to design. Furthermore, they did it at a time when the popularity of actors was rapidly declining…

Recently, adults Olsen, who were so loved by children and teenagers, are criticized all the time: because of plastic surgery, excessive thinness, relationships with men twice their age, but for anything! It’s unclear how Mary-Kate and Ashley went from American teen idols to haters’ favorite targets!

Nevertheless, these women, in fact, were able to withstand the loss of “star status” and the ocean of negativity that splashed on their heads in recent years, and in spite of everything, create their own profitable business in the fashion industry. From actresses to businesswomen and designers – why not a great move?

The Olsen sisters are more than just 90s kid idols; they are accomplished personalities, trendsetters, and just highly intriguing characters in gossip columns. Isn’t it difficult to disagree?

Let’s take a look at how Mary-Kate and Ashley have evolved throughout time!


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