The sweet dog, who was also once a rescue dog, became a foster mother to two newborns

Ginger assists the owner in every way, bathing the babies’ faces and assisting them with their meals as a mother cat would.

Two kittens were swiftly adopted by a very loving dog who knew precisely what they needed.

Encore and Paxie were taken to the shelter when they were just 3 weeks old.

They received 24-hour care, with bottle feedings every four hours.

Susan Hicks, a kind volunteer, greeted them warmly.

Susan worked hard to help the brothers learn to eat, walk, and explore their new home on their own. They were maintained in pleasant surroundings where they felt quite protected.

Ginger, Susan’s adorable puppy, was pleased with the arrival of their new visitors.

She was incredibly aware of their needs. A few years ago, Ginger was saved and seemed to be in the best hands.

At the time, she was considerably pregnant. She and the infants felt great thanks to Susan’s superb care, and even quickly the kids were adopted into their everlasting homes.

Since that point, Ginger has developed a strong attachment with young children who are in need of a mother’s affection.

Ginger assists Susan in every way, bathing the children’s faces and assisting them with their meals as a mother cat would.

Both of them appeared to adore their new mother. They enjoy playing with Ginger, jumping on her, and then dozing off in her arms.

They quickly developed thanks to their mother.

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