The teacher laughed at Polina, blaming her for poverty. But soon she had to regret

Polina no longer had a desire to play with toys, she just wanted to see her father. The girl sat for a long time on the windowsill in her room, looking out when he came home. The mother explained everything by the fact that the father had gone on a long business trip. The place of work is in Siberia, and it is cold there and it is impossible to arrive quickly.

– “Mom, can I stay at home tomorrow, I can’t go to school,” said Polina.

Antonina put down the book and asked the child what the reason was.“Someone offended you, my child,” asked the mother.

– “No, it’s just that all the girls handed over gifts by the upcoming day of March 8 and they will be congratulated. And no one will congratulate me. Because I didn’t give money and I’m very ashamed,” the child replied.

– “Sorry, dear, but paying for communal needs is more important than a holiday,” Antonina answered, and tears came out of her eyes.

As much as she would like a normal life for the child, it does not work out. Polina stroked her mother on the head, and she calmed down.

– “Well, I’ll sit at home, and when the holiday is over I’ll go to school,” my daughter answered.

– “And who will make up the school curriculum. It’s not good to skip classes for such a stupid reason,” said the mother.

And she offered to write a note to the class teacher that she would hand over the money next month.

Polina agreed and went to her room. The girl did not want to upset her mother with another bad news. The fact is that the class teacher knows about the difficult situation in her family and in every possible way mocks and humiliates the child in front of the class.

The girl knew that with the return of her father, everything would be fine. The mother will no longer stay at work for a long time, and the class teacher will receive an answer for all grievances.

Meanwhile, Antonina furtively wiped away her tears and also waited for her husband. But not from a business trip, but from places of deprivation of liberty. Her husband Maxim was a truck driver and often traveled abroad. But once he went on a flight, he did not return. A month later, law enforcement agencies called her and said that Maxim was detained for selling prohibited products.

The girl refused to believe this because her husband is an honest man. He served as a paratrooper, and the military keeps his word. Alas, the court case was fabricated and Maxim was deprived of freedom for several years.

Polina reluctantly got ready for school, took her backpack, and went. At a big break, the teacher asked the children not to go anywhere.

– “Now the boys will come up to me to take gifts and congratulate the girls. Today we celebrate March 8th International Women’s Day. I will announce the names of the girls, and the guys will give them gifts, ”said Maria Semyonovna.

Polina knew that she was not on the list. And when the boys congratulated all the girls, it was her turn.

– “Alas, Polina, you will be left without a gift, since your mother is too poor to buy you a gift,” Maria Semyonovna answered.

“Mom will hand over the money next month. We just don’t have the opportunity right now,” Polina said quietly.

– “I don’t believe it, you already make ends meet, where will the money come from. And in general, at the teachers’ council, I will raise the issue of your expulsion. I don’t want to raise the daughter of a man serving a sentence,” snapped Maria Semyonovna.

– “Lies, my father is on the job, you’re lying all” – Polina shouted nervously.

– “Don’t you dare yell at me, quickly sat down and closed your mouth,” the teacher replied sternly.

But Polina continued to scream with emotion. Then Maria Semyonovna kicked her out of the class and told her not to come without her mother. The girl packed her backpack and ran from the school. She wanted to leave this nasty place as soon as possible.

At that moment, a boy called out to Polina, it was Seryozha, he was the headman of the class.

– “Here, this is a gift for you in honor of March 8. Let me see you off,” said Seryozha and handed over a postcard and a small bouquet of daisies.

Polina burst into tears but went home with him. Approaching the house, she heard such a familiar and long-awaited voice.

– “Polina, why don’t you meet me, I’m already tired of waiting” – it was her father Victor.

The girl rushed to him and hugged him tightly.

– “Why are you crying, who offended you?” Victor asked.

Polina told him about the bullying of the class teacher.

– “Well, my daughter, perhaps I should go to this person and have a serious conversation with her,” Victor answered.

He changed his clothes and went with his daughter to school. When they entered the classroom, the lesson was in progress. The teacher was taken aback when she saw Polina’s father and said to wait outside the door.

– “Wait, I came to talk to the class, and you will get it from your leadership anyway, for incompetent actions in relation to my daughter,” Victor answered.

– “Children, what you heard from Maria Semyonovna about our family is true. Yes, I was in prison, but now all charges are dropped, and I am at home next to my daughter. This sometimes happens in the adult world. Now my conscience is clear.

Polina’s mother, day and night, tried to earn money for her daughter in order to support her normally. Our family was called beggars, but this is not true. We were just temporarily experiencing difficult life trials. Poverty is not the worst thing in the world.

There is a saying “it is not a shame to be poor, it is a shame to be cheap”.By the way, Maria Semyonovna, this saying concerns you. Show an example to the class how to apologize decently and beautifully for your rudeness,” Victor said.

Maria Semyonovna was sitting at the teacher’s table and writing something.

– “Well, bolder, we are all waiting,” Victor answered.

– “Yes, Maria Semyonovna, you need to apologize to Polina,” said Seryozha, the head of the class.

The children made a fuss and asked to apologize. Maria Semyonovna, unable to bear the shame, grabbed her bag and ran out of the office.

– “You see, children, you need to love your work and love those for whom you work,” Victor answered.

Soon a complaint about the teacher, from Victor, reached the director, and he fired the unbalanced teacher. He said that in no case should a teacher humiliate students. And if the teacher cannot find an approach, then he should leave his position.

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