The thin dog was lying on the snow, and was trembling in fear when they approached him

The woman saw a creature near her house, which lay in the snow, curled up, and trembled with cold and fear. She didn’t even realize it was a dog.

Recently, a resident of Pennsylvania, USA, noticed something strange near her house. A creature lay curled up in the snow, trembling with cold and fear. A woman named Christina did not even immediately see that it was a dog.

“I saw dog tracks and they led me to this poor dog. He was lying in the snow, shaking and looking scared,” the woman said. She immediately decided to help him, and with the help of treats lured him into her basement. She fed him, and the dog got warm.

The woman also contacted Tj’s Rescue Hideaway, and the dog was later taken away by the staff. The staff determined that he had an advanced case of scabies, causing many cracks in his skin. After that,they began actively look after the dog.

Now the dog is in complete safety and surrounded by caring employees of the shelter. When his skin recovers and his health improves, a family will be found for him. Be happy baby!

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