The two elephants say goodbye forever. Photos that open your eyes

Will the time come when poachers stop hunting elephants when they stop being closed in zoos? After all, in captivity, they have a very hard time.

Elephants do not “communicate” with relatives, spend time in a limited space, do not eat the leaves of trees, and do not swim in lakes.

An elephant can be paired with another elephant, but one of the couples will die or wind up in another zoo. There are elephants that spend a lot of time alone. 

Flavia the elephant just died in one of Spain’s zoos. The animal was kept in captivity for 47 years, 43 of which it was totally alone. Flavia struggled with depression. 

When she was three years old, an Indian elephant was separated from her parents.

She has been living alone in a Spanish zoo since then, with no interaction with other members of her species. 

Flavia was frequently seen and videotaped wandering around the enclosure, laying her head on the ground like a man. 

Animal rights activists attempted several times to move Flavia so she could live with other elephants but were unsuccessful.

More recently, a photograph appeared on the Internet, which immediately became viral. The picture was shared by the user under the nickname Soumya Vidyadhar.

On it, you can see the touching goodbye of the elephants before they are sent to different zoos and they part forever. 

Elephants are in danger of extinction. Every 15 minutes, one elephant dies at the hands of poachers on the Black Continent.

If the extermination of the largest land animals continues at the same pace, then by 2025 there will not be a single elephant left in African shrouds.

Tanzania, for example, has already lost half of its elephants in the last three years. In 2009, according to various estimates, from 70 to 80 thousand elephants lived in this African country, and now it is half that.

We hope that people will come to their senses and stop destroying elephants! What do you think about this problem?

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