The waitress decided to speak up after she didn’t get a tip

Whenever you go to a restaurant, you tip 15-20% of your bill there on average. Of course, you can choose not to do this, but this is usually a gesture that shows that you are satisfied with the service.

Of course, the waiters may miss something, because they have a difficult job, however, if you do not leave a tip at all, then there is a good reason for that.

However, after she was not left a tip, the woman decided to post it on Facebook, which immediately spread across the Internet. The reason was amazing.

Tailer Cordova is a hardworking single mother who is raising a beautiful daughter. She works at PF Chang’s in Colorado and is a woman who mostly lives off her tips as she is paid by the hour and simply won’t be enough to take care of a family of 2.

Although she works in the service industry, and there are quite stressful situations, Taylor does not complain about work. But when the person who ordered $187.43 didn’t leave a tip, she decided to reach out to people.

She decided to share an image of this check. But look what she did next, she explained why tips are so important to her.

This is the reason why I cried in my heart. I work so hard to earn food and clothes for my daughter. You spend that kind of money for lunch, that’s how many people can eat for a week, but you didn’t want to leave a tip, that’s called stinginess. You have everything in this world, but you don’t even want to share your place under the sun with us.

Of course, because 2 dollars is too much for you. Everything has consequences. Regular work costs $2-5 an hour depending on the employer, so the next time you don’t want to leave a tip, think about how much you have to work for $2-5 an hour to feed your family, not just yourself.

Could you live on that kind of money? Could you feed your family and yourself? Please leave a tip. Even if it was the worst service ever. A 10% tip is enough to please us. Don’t even go to a restaurant if you can’t leave a tip. There’s a McDonald’s here down the street if you need something cheaper.

The girl’s powerful message has received over 15,000 comments. Although this may not have been very pleasant, she thereby became an example of a brave mother for her daughter.

How amazing all this is, the baby is lucky that she has such a mother, she says what she thinks is right. If something does not suit you, she is ready to listen to everyone.

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