The way you cross your fingers reveals a lot about your personality

Body language, gestures, and facial expressions can tell a lot about a person. These little things may seem insignificant to us, but they can tell a lot about a person.

Did you know that the way you cross your fingers can reveal a lot about your personality?

How do you cross your fingers?

Today’s test will help us with this. Take a close look at the image and choose the hand combination that most closely resembles the way you cross your fingers.

1. Right thumb on top

This arrangement of the fingers indicates that you are a very emotional and incredibly sensitive person. You have a lot of empathy. You can see and understand a lot.

Nature has endowed you with a unique intuition and a reliable sixth sense that you often use. People can easily open up to you because they trust you and expect sympathy from you.

They know that nothing bad will happen to them from your side. You can advise them something, but if necessary, you can remain silent.

You are a person who always carefully considers everything and carefully analyzes the situation. You make decisions without haste, but usually, they turn out to be absolutely correct.

2. Two thumbs connected and parallel

You are a very calm and balanced person who loves order and harmony in everything. You try to avoid quarrels and troubles at all costs.

You prefer to let go of everything, to give up something, but you definitely won’t fit in where you don’t need to and you won’t fight windmills. Your comfort and well-being are worth some concessions.

You feel best in your own company. You have a small circle of reliable friends, and this is enough for you. You don’t like the chaos caused by a large group of people you don’t know.

You like being in contact with nature and sometimes you just need to laze a little, lie down or sit down, do nothing and think of nothing. Your life flows slowly and you like it. The reckless pursuit of success is not your style.

3. Left thumb on top

You are a very active and direct person. You don’t like boredom. There is always something going on in your life. You constantly need new challenges and goals. You get bored quickly and want to try something new.

You have a million ideas a minute. In a large group of people, you feel like a fish out of water. You always stand out in the company and it’s hard not to notice you. You love attention and don’t shy away from confrontation. When you don’t like something, you say it directly.

You are very optimistic and carefree. You don’t care too much about other people’s opinions or about the consequences of your decisions.

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