The wounded dog fell on the road and closed his eyes, he was unable to walk anymore

This touching story took place in Greece. One day, a large dog was noticed on the street, which was walking along the street with difficulty. It was clear that the dog was injured and needed help. When there was no more strength, the dog fell at the door of the house and simply closed his eyes. People immediately started calling volunteers and looking for help.

A female volunteer came to the house. The fragile lady was not afraid to approach the big dog. She began to talk to her, but the dog did not react, did not even move when he was stroked. The dog was very ill and there was no time to wait for help.

Then the woman picked up a huge dog and carried it to the car. Passers-by just gasped.

Then the volunteer found out that someone had kicked the dog out and he was desperately looking for the owner. The dog wandered along the road, running up to every car. One of the drivers knocked her down, and the frightened dog ran away, but the wounds made themselves felt. 12 hours after the accident, her strength left her, she fell right on the street.

The dog was named Markella. The volunteer immediately took her to the vet. It turned out that the dog had a paw injury, there was serious damage to one of the fingers. The doctor prescribed treatment and the dog was taken away for overexposure.

After a couple of days, the dog looked revived. She could walk a little and even wagged her tail.

After a while, the snow-white beauty was completely healthy. She learned to trust people again and play with other pets from the shelter.

After another couple of months, they wanted to take this beauty with a difficult fate into the house. A couple from the UK was in love with this sweet, gentle, and calm dog. Now the abandoned dog has everything: a warm home, loving owners, and a playmate. The family already had one dog, a black Labrador. Now they are playing together!

This beauty is loved and pampered. She is now part of the family!

Few people recognize in this snow-white beauty the same abandoned and dirty dog. Let every pet find its home and never be betrayed for love and loyalty!

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