The zoo employee is genuinely happy that he can cuddle with all these little animals!

Animals that live in zoos are very used to people. They did not become domestic, but many from birth are constantly next to a person.

And when there are no visitors at the zoo, as during the current pandemic, the animals are very bored. And Australian zookeeper Chad Staples consoles them as much as he can!

It’s a great privilege to be able to walk up to a giraffe and get a kiss from his mom.

Lioness Phoenix – future fashion model

The tongue is very rough

All babies need a nanny

Hugs with koala

Lovely shot

How many people have ever bottle-fed a wombat?

Did you know that rhinos have tufts on their ears?

Chad Staples is great with animals

These are dingo puppies.

Wombats are so cute!

What could be better than a koala? Two koalas!

It is immediately clear that the person is in his place and doing his favorite job!

The cutest animals in the world

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