There was almost no hope that the barely breathing kitten would survive, but this person did the impossible

Andrea Christian got a call about a kitten that needed assistance immediately about a month ago.

Karl was only three weeks old, yet despite his young age, he was in terrible shape.

Knowing the specifics, Andrea could not decline to care for the infant.

Andrea received a call as the kitten was being delivered, informing her that Carl appeared to be having respiratory issues as well.

After some time, though, the kitten was with Andrea. He was breathing in some way while lying down.

The cat had little chance of surviving, but Andrea still wanted to give him a shot.

One of the volunteers sent the cat an oxygen device, and they also created an oxygen incubator for the newborn.

The first several days were the worst since Carl couldn’t close his lips to breathe normally, so Andrea had to keep giving him drips.

Karl, though, was a genuine little warrior who was battling for his life despite everything.

The young child appeared to muster all his energy to “speak” to Andrea whenever she entered Karl’s home.

When she just touched him, he never stopped “purring.”

Karl was fed via a drip and syringe for nearly a week before his appetite greatly increased.

Karl eventually started to breathe normally, thanks to Andrea’s meticulous attention.

His charming personality was finally showing. Karl started to saunter about the home, looking at the place he had been residing for a while.

Karl is already able to jump and run. He appears to never get tired of playing since he is so lively and vivacious.

He even succeeded in making friends with other cats, who taught him a lot.

He already has several toys that he genuinely loves. He now closely imitates his foster mother, as though he were her adorable little shadow.

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