“There will be no vacation!” People realized this as soon as their dog brought passports in his teeth …

Has something like this happened to you?

Imagine that you are going on vacation, spent a lot of money on your dream trip, packed your bags, and suddenly they tell you that no one is going anywhere! Of course, you are disappointed and frustrated…

The family of Ella Arandella and Russell Mack experienced the same thing! The couple has three children, and they have long dreamed of relaxing in Mallorca. People collected 2,500 pounds for the trip.

Now imagine: the suitcases are already packed, and the kids are registered for the flight. It remains only to wait a couple of days and get on the plane…

But Ella and Russell had the imprudence to leave their passports on the edge of the table. And in the morning it turned out that their dog had prepared a “surprise” – he ate children’s documents!

The frustrated woman could not even think that her rash act would cross out the whole vacation.

And the pleased spaniel Bailey did not even understand what grandiose plans he had ruined, chewing the pages of his passport with a satisfied muzzle.

For the next couple of days, people wanted to urgently resolve the issue related to the documents! They collected the rest of the passports and sent them to the airport for the staff to do an examination.

But the scraps of paper left over from the documents did not convince the border guards of anything.

“ At least we tried! the woman sighed…

And soon the family was also upset by the insurance company – it turned out that the passports eaten by the animal had nothing to do with the insured event.

The couple had to pay another thousand pounds to a travel agency so that the tickets would not burn out completely.

And you know who was very pleased with what happened? Of course, Bailey! The spaniel is just happy because his owners will stay at home.

Has something like this happened to you?

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