These celebrities did not always have a happy life

Seven celebrities who were bullied in childhood because of their appearance

Today, these celebrities enjoy world fame, popularity, and the love of millions of people. However, they were once girls with insecurities and complexes because of their appearance. They were even called “ugly ducklings”.

Uma Thurman

The girl was 183cm tall at school and her shoe size was 42, which was considered unusual for her age. Her classmates and even friends used to mock her because of these features. They constantly considered Uma “different” from the society. Such a treatment affected the girl so deeply, that even now she doesn’t believe in the sincerity of someone’s compliments.

Julia Roberts

Roberts is one of the most beloved and talented actresses of our time. She used to be bullied for her unusually big mouth. Her classmates would call her “frog” because of this unique feature.

Carmen Dell’Orefice

This legendary woman was mocked for her “imperfect” appearance. The supermodel once mentioned, that she had never been beautiful and slim in any company.

Kate Winslet

As a child, Kate dreamt of becoming an actress. Her classmates used to make fun of her, saying that she would never reach her dreams.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole also face bullying in her past. She was mocked because of her thinness and spots on her body.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga faced mockery and condemnation together with her mother. This legendary performer was bullied for her big nose, extra pounds and dark curly hair. Her classmates used to always make fun of her.

Kate Middleton

There was a tendency in Kate’s school to rate the appearance of girls from 0 to 10. The classmates of the future duchess considered her “ugly” with “imperfect appearance”. If only they knew she would one day become the Duchess and the Princess of Wales…
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