These Siamese twins were separated at the age of 4, and now they are 18 years old

Kendra and Malia are role models for their peers.

Jake and Erin Herrin welcomed two daughters, Kendra and Malia, toward the conclusion of the colder season of 2002. The newborns were Siamese twins, which caused some conflicting emotions.

On the one hand, the guardians were ecstatic to have their daughters join the family, but on the other hand, they were anxious about what would happen to them in the future.

After four years of living together, Kendra and Malia’s parents decided to split in order to offer them the opportunity to live independently.

One of their two legs may be moved independently by each female. They evolved steadily and had no trouble walking or even running. A task was carried out in 2006 to segregate the twins.

There were 31 professionals participating, and they worked with the young women for more than a day. As soon as word of this incident entered the media, Kendra and Malia gained a little notoriety.

It has been 14 years since the twins moved out on their own. They eventually adapted to a new way of life, as was only natural.

Girls train occasionally at home in addition to attending school. The young women also show skills: both like sketching and are not horrible at it.

For their classmates, Kendra and Malia have become role models who show that nothing is impossible. Because they are considered school heroes, their students hold them in the highest regard.

Now when the girls are 18 years old, they seem to be like this. The sisters lead active lives, have the freedom to live apart from one another, and reside in various locations.

The young women are excellent drivers and have graduated from driving school. The sisters highlight fascinating events from their lives on their YouTube channel and online entertainment pages.

Thousands of people keep an eye on the twins. The Herrin sisters make contact with Kelly and Carter’s Siamese mother.

They give her counsel and give the infants all the support they can muster based on their own experiences. Although Kelly and Carter are thinking about splitting up as well, their parents haven’t decided yet.

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