“They Are Incredibly Similar”: Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Delighted Fans With Rare Pictures With Her Mother!

Her mother’s figure was clearly different at a young age.

Ashley Grahan, 33, is now acknowledged as one of the leading representatives of the body-positive movement, which has grown significantly in popularity over the past few years, not just abroad but also in Russia.

The model proudly displays her stomach, stretch marks, cellulite, hairy armpits, and even her missing teeth in front of an audience of over 13 million plus-size individuals.

Ashley is honest about both her personal life and the flaws in her own physique. Graham announced the news on social media as soon as she found out she will be a mother for the first time.

She continues to share daily experiences with her followers while documenting her parenting journey after the birth of her child. Her fans have witnessed her nurse at a café, change her baby’s diaper in the midst of a shop, and use a breast pump in a cab.

Ashley does not simply publish contentious photos, though; she often shares heartfelt words, like the Mother’s Day tribute she recently posted in honor of her mother. The model thanked the lady she regarded as the closest person on earth in her message.

I wish my mother, my instructor, and my closest friend a happy Mother’s Day. To have a lady like you as my daily source of inspiration makes me feel tremendously fortunate. I appreciate the lessons you gave me to learn and the world you created for me, Ashley wrote.

The mother of the model was like this when she was younger.

She coupled the kind sentiments with old pictures of her mum looking beautiful. Ashley’s family can recognize her in the images despite the soft characteristics of her face. But even as a little child, her mother’s character was obviously different.

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