“They were 31 and 56 when they got married”: 20 years have passed, what are they look like now …

Legendary actor Michael Douglas and the stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones once played an incredible wedding. For the engagement, the groom gave the bride a ring with a giant diamond. The guests were the closest relatives of the couple. Many journalists called this wedding wrong and insincere. And all because of the age difference. Michael is 25 years older than Katherine. It seemed who could be surprised by such a difference in age? It turned out there were many such onlookers.

The couple was predicted to break up quickly due to Douglas’ free-spirited lifestyle. What can I say, if he fell in love with Katherine, he has been married for 23 years to Diandra Luker. True, this union was conditional. The couple did not divorce for a long time due to litigation and the division of property.

Falling in love with Katherine, Michael melted. He paid his ex-wife $60,000,000 in compensation to get a divorce and marry his beloved.

Katherine played her first role at 14 in the mini-series Titanic. There she was noticed by Steven Spielberg. But this did not become her main role.

Kat was admired by millions after the release of The Mask of Zorro. This role brought her fame, new interesting projects, and high fees. Douglas and Zeta-Jones fell in love at first sight. Their age difference is 25 years and both have a birthday on September 25th.

The actor fell in love with Kat so much that he completely forgot about other women.

At first, they lived wonderfully, and gave birth to a son, Dylan, and a daughter, Carys. They also established relations with Douglas’s son from his first marriage, Cameron. Their reconciliation happened unexpectedly. Cameron got to the police from there he was helped to get out by Kat and Michael.

But 10 years ago something terrible happened. Douglas became very ill. Kat was so worried about her husband that she fell into a deep depression. Katherine began to have nervous breakdowns. At some point, she lost control of herself.

Michael decided to move to another house for a while. The man considered that this was the best solution for both spouses. Kat needed peace and constant supervision of specialists. She could no longer cope with the problem on her own.

The couple made it. Katherine underwent therapy and eventually returned to normal. Her husband supported her in every possible way, as did the children, and even her stepson. The woman put herself in order and returned to the profession. Now Katherine is filming again and actively attends public events.

Michael cannot get enough of his wife. The actor admits that his greatest happiness is a happy family.

The age difference does not interfere with happiness. The most important thing in a relationship is love. Without sentiments, the marriage of peers is bound to fail at an early stage. Respect and understanding are equally important in partnerships; without them, no genuine union can be formed.

What do you think of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas as a couple?

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