“They were The Most Beautiful Couple Of Hollywood.” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s love story

They were acquainted before the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” filming.

Brad did not impress Angelina. They both believed the other to be unpleasant and haughty.

However, it only takes one step from hate to love, and both of them took it.

The problem is that the relationship began when Brad and Jennifer Anniston were still legally wed. Everyone was discussing their relationships. Every publication featured them in a lengthy piece.

They quickly agreed that it was time to become a couple once Angelina became pregnant. Brad and Anniston divorced at that time. Jen’s fans organized a challenge to warn Angelina that someone will eventually end her marriage the same way she did to Jennifer.

Following the birth of their own children, the couple began to adopt children from all over the world. At that point, they had a reputation for being extremely generous and friendly.

Soon, accusations that Brad was cheating on Jolie and abusing drugs began to circulate. The couple made the decision to divorce at that point.

Everything began when Jolie lost a lot of weight, which led others to speculate that she was unhappy in her marriage.

The most attractive couple in Hollywood separated in 2016.

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