This 20-year-old cat was abandoned by his owners after a divorce

It is very rare when old animals found in a shelter manage to find a new home. After all, an elderly pet requires additional care and not many people like it. However, luck smiled at the hero about whom we will tell today.

The story of the cat Diesel began from the moment he ended up in a shelter in Los Angeles. He was already 20 when he arrived at the shelter. And such an age, as everyone knows, is considered very respectable for cats. All his life, the pet lived in the same house, so it was very difficult for him to come to terms with the fact that he was abandoned. The former owners of the cat divorced, and the poor cat ended up in a shelter at such a venerable age.

In the shelter, many felt very sorry for the cat, so they decided in every possible and impossible way to help the poor fellow find a home and peace in his old age. There was little hope that someone would want to take on such responsibility for free, but soon there was a person who decided to help Diesel.

It turned out to be a young girl named Thais. When she saw the ads on the Internet, she immediately fell in love with the cat. Her heart was touched by his story and the very next day, he was in her house.

Difficulties in care arose from the very beginning, the cat had many health problems that no one had noticed before. Therefore, the girl had to regularly take him to the vet. And also she had to completely trim the cat because his fur was all in tangles. Now he looks like a little lion.

Now all these torments and stresses of Diesel are behind. And now he enjoys peace in the girl’s house. And he also had a girlfriend – the cat Sarah, who also lives with Taisa.

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