This cat survived on the street in the rain and frost, no longer hoping for his salvation

Soulless people threw this young cat away, on the eve of the onset of severe frosts, the poor fellow was not adapted to life on the street and did not know where to warm himself. As a result, he settled on the heat pipeline. So he sat for days on end, trying to keep warm.

The grandmother from the nearest entrance fed the blackie, but did not dare to take it to her. She was worried that because of her age she would not be able to provide the cat with everything she needed, and if something happened to her, what would he be like then? After a while, the cat caught a bad cold and his grandmother knitted him a sweater, because of which, later, a skin infection broke out in the poor fellow. Because he couldn’t lick himself.

After some time, the cat’s condition worsened even more. The woman found the number of animal rights activists and begged them to help the poor cat.

A woman from the organization for the protection of animals immediately came for the cat and took him to her home. But when she took off his sweater, she was simply horrified by what she saw. Bald spots appeared on the cat’s skin, some peeling was visible on the fur and a lot of parasites were running around. In addition, the veterinary clinic found that the blackie had pneumonia, an umbilical hernia, and, in addition, caliciviruses.

The treatment took a lot of time and money, but in the end, it was possible to cure all the diseases. A great appetite returned to him and he was able to add a good amount in just a month. The skin began to grow thick and delicate fur.

The cat got acquainted with most of the woman’s mustachioed wards and willingly plays with cats of all ages. He is an active and playful cat who deserves a happy life.

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