This dog has been rejected over and over again until this lady sees her beauty

He is now a happy dog in good hands.

Before being saved by a woman, Beaux Tox, a dog with a disfigured face, was abandoned several times as a puppy.

Sometimes, people make snap judgments about people based just on how they appear, oblivious of how truly stunning they are on the inside. Lucky is a dog who, because of his unique looks, has frequently been left behind. This amazing dog was only encountered by one person; many others who saw him were unable to process what they saw and chose not to give themselves the chance. Lucky was deemed unsellable due to his birth in a kennel and facial malformation.

He was then sent to a shelter to obtain housing, although doing so was extremely difficult because of the way that others viewed him due to his appearance. Throughout the adoption process, he visited many houses before settling on one close to Austin, Texas, where it appeared like his luck was about to turn. Despite having secured a permanent residence, Lucky led a terribly dismal and lonely existence because his landlord didn’t want him there.

Lucky was left outside since the woman had cats. He or she would occasionally be tethered to a tree for days without food or water. The poor dog didn’t even have enough to eat; he was mistreated, abandoned, and abused, and no one gave him the genuine affection he so richly deserved. The family finally opted to return Lucky to the shelter since they were moving and did not want to take him with them; it was obvious that Lucky did not belong to their family.

Once more adopted, the dog’s new owners soon chose to surrender him to the shelter. Nevertheless, a social media post made things different! Before being brought to the photographs, Lucky was groomed by a volunteer at the shelter. Jamie Hult, the buddy of the volunteer, was the appropriate person to view the photos when they were posted on social media.

Lucky’s story touched the woman, and she was eager to see him. What’s more, she was eager to care for him straight immediately! Jamie told iHeartdogs, “I called him right away and said, “I want this puppy,” and it ended up being someone from my dog rescue network. Instead of merely putting this dog in foster care, I want to adopt him.

Unfortunately, Lucky had heartworm disease and was in need of rapid veterinarian care. The fact that the puppy had fleas and was underweight didn’t bother Jamie; he would give her his heart and money because he loved her.

Lucky still had a long way to go before he fully recovered, but thanks to some excellent medical care, he did. Now that the lovely dog has a new home, a new life, and a new favorite person, he has a new name. He went under the name “Beaux Tox.” According to Jamie, I gave him the moniker “Beaux Tox” since it appears like he needs botox, which is OK.

In all of its forms, we respect beauty. I didn’t have botox since I also spent a lot of money on the dog beads! Since moving in together, Jamie and Beaux Tox have had nothing but joy and enjoyment. The days of his suffering and being treated unfairly because of trees are long gone; he is now a content dog in good condition. Beaux Tox only needs to bask in the affection his human mother showers on him; he need not fear rejection due to the way he differs from other humans in appearance.

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