This dog, named Caterpillar, spent his whole life in a cage and now does not know how to thank the saviors (video)

The life of a little dog named Caterpillar was gloomy and hopeless. Yes, and how else? The owner kept the unfortunate animal in a cramped cage with rusty bars.

Caterpillar’s fragile body was stooped from life in a small prison, and the dog could no longer stand and walk. The baby did not even try to do it – she just waited for death.

We do not understand why the owner did this to his pet. It is terrible to think how the animal spent days and nights in this terrible “dungeon”.

The Caterpillar could not get out and run on the grass, could not stand up to its full height … She was practically not fed and was not let out of the cage even when needed. Why did they do this to her? Why do people like this keep dogs? Unfortunately, the answer is no…

Liberation from captivity.

The Polish organization for the protection of animals learned about the heartbreaking story and could not pass by. The caterpillar was taken away from the “owner” and a lot of effort was made so that the baby learned to live again.

The caterpillar didn’t know what to do with her freedom.

When the dog was released from the cage, she was confused. The animal could not walk – the paws did not obey the owner. Moreover, for the Caterpillar, there was no world OUTSIDE the cage, so it seemed to her that danger lurked at every step.

The dog was wary of people, afraid to approach a person. But the rescuers surrounded the baby with love and care, and this soon brought results.

Change for the better.

The veterinarian prescribed serious treatment for Caterpillar. The dog was regularly massaged to relax stiff muscles and help the animal learn to walk again.

Now she is already running freely on 4 legs, and little by little she is learning to trust people.

Home Sweet Home.

A loving family recently adopted a dog from a shelter. After learning about the caterpillar’s terrible past, people were horrified. They took her into their home with the firm intention of making the baby happy! Now, for sure – all the bad things for this baby are behind us.

The caterpillar sincerely fell in love with the people who sheltered her. Now she never stops wagging her tail in gratitude. You can find out how happy she is by watching this video:

Yes, dogs can’t talk, but sometimes words are not needed at all…

And what happened to the former owner of the Caterpillar?

You are probably interested in the question of what happened to the owner of the dog. His bullying of Caterpillar was reported to the authorities, but the man has not yet suffered the deserved punishment. Unfortunately, such stories are not uncommon.

We are sincerely happy for the Caterpillar – she, like any other pet, deserves happiness!

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