This dog spent his whole life in one room, and then he was thrown on the street, tied to a pole (videos)

An abandoned pit bull was tied to a fence in New Orleans. The nervous animal cowered in fear as rescuers approached to help. People saw that his paw was wrapped in a leash that interfered with normal blood circulation in the limb.

Rescuers wanted to help the dog, but it was not easy. The frightened animal did not let people near him, and they thought about how to get closer to him so that the pet would not bite them.

Next to the poor dog lay a package filled with the animal’s meager belongings. When the rescuers looked in there, they found a note that almost broke their heart…

“This is Rock. I can’t keep him in the house because of family problems. The dog spent his entire life in isolation in my room because my parents did not want him to walk around the house. Rock is a year and four months old, but he has never been in contact with anyone other than my family. Please help him!” – was written in a note.

An unknown person who abandoned the pet wrote that Rock is very friendly, but he needs time to get used to people. In addition, the note even promised financial assistance to the dog …

Rescue officials wrote a Facebook post about Rock with little hope of success.

The dog was in the walls of the shelter and still shunned people …

Fortunately, the brother of the former owner of Rock accidentally saw the post on the Internet. The young man immediately rushed to the shelter. The frustrated guy had known Rock since he was a puppy. He did not live with his family and for some reason was sure that everything was fine with the pet!

At first, the shelter staff did not want to let the animal go with a stranger, but when Rocky saw the guy, everything changed! After a few seconds, he stopped growling and hiding. The dog rushed towards the young man, covering him with kisses and exposing his tummy for stroking.

Now the pet has a new life! His new owner is ready to help the dog get used to the world and live a normal life. Finally, he will feel human love!

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