This German Shepherd’s gentle love for little puppies is just amazing (video)

Rocky enjoys sitting close to the two puppies.

There are a few species that share a unique relationship in the animal kingdom. For instance, if you live with dogs of different kinds, you’ll see that they rapidly make acquaintances and eventually become best buddies.

Rocky, a German shepherd, is not any different in this regard. One day, his owner handed him two brand-new puppies. Rocky gradually stopped being stern with the two puppies and instead caved into their innocence and playful nature.

Rocky likes to hang out with his canine friends all the time. On the floor or in a chair, he likes spending time with them. The German Shepherd and the Dazzling Retriever are the two young dogs.

Although coming from two different breeds, the Golden Retriever puppy seems comfortable in Rocky’s presence. Rocky likes to keep an eye on the two puppies as they sleep by sitting near them.

Rocky also likes to investigate the sleeping German Shepherd. This infuriates the dog, who then attempts to shove Rocky away with his paws.

On the other hand, the Golden Retriever pup observes the entertainment in quiet.

Rocky would rather stay with the two puppies even when they ultimately fall asleep.

In an effort to fall asleep, he too lies down next to them and closes his eyes.

Rocky is vigilant to make sure no one interrupts the two puppies’ slumber while they are dozing. The two can sleep peacefully since their companion is continually watching out for them.

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