This girl refused to wash her hair for six years and the result is just impressive! Take a look at the girl’s pictures!

Cosmetologists and hairdressers are constantly searching for the next miraculous hair or skin care product. There are now several shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products available. The protagonist of this tale is 27-year-old Laura Ashley, who made the decision to go six years without washing her hair!

Laura posted the outcome of her encounter on her social network. Shampoo, hair balm, and even styling products were completely rejected by the girl. In addition, she started eating exclusively plant-based meals and becoming vegetarian.

Laura asserts that she only washes her hair with clean water. She only needs to use a wide-toothed comb to untangle her hair if it becomes knotted. Oiling the ends of the hair is another method of hair maintenance.

The girl claims that by doing this, the hair ends are shielded and less likely to split. Laura acknowledges that she saw better hair quality and active hair development with such hair treatment. Of course, there were individuals who criticized her for disregarding hygienic standards, but the youngster ignores the criticism and keeps posting videos on TikTok. Her postings receive almost a million likes overall.

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