The dog, who spent almost all his life in a shelter, got adopted by a wonderful couple and can’t stop hugging them (video)

They did not give him the name Hero for anything.

The elderly pitbull was abandoned at the shelter and it appeared that he would pass away there as well.

Unfortunately, no one was interested in lovingly adopting the aging dog.

Pit Crew Rescue in Sacramento offered to take the dog when they learned about his plight.

However, because he required a permanent home, his rough days did not finish there.

He had been without a family for a long time, and nothing could ever match the love of a family.

The fact that he has scars on both his inside and outside indicates that he was a victim of abuse.

The only thing the rescue organization wanted was for the dog to be loved by his family and be content.

And then a genuine miracle occurred one day. When a lovely couple first saw Hero, they felt they should adopt him.

But because they already owned a dog, they were required to socialize the two puppies first as responsible pet owners before making a choice.

Sugar, their second dog, lit up when they first met, so everything was already evident for them.

The hero’s long-awaited everlasting house, of which he had only dreamed, had now materialized.

The hero’s new parents said that he is content there. We are overjoyed for our adorable child, Hero.

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