This is how superstars change: by using filters to alter their appearance from what they appear to be in real life

With the aid of retouching, stars’ appearances undergo drastic modifications. 

Most renowned people and celebrities want to always look flawless, therefore they do everything they can to achieve this goal, including applying makeup, having surgeries, seeing cosmetologists, and using Photoshop and other retouching tools on their images. 

J. Roberts

Fans of J. Roberts are accustomed to seeing the renowned actress in the film Pretty Woman when she was at the height of her fame and had an unattainable level of beauty. At the same time, we must all keep in mind that no one is immune to aging and the changes that come with it.

Many people are in a rush to apply filters and beauty enhancements in order to look ideal, which causes celebrities to lose their individuality. 

M. Bellucci

The “proper” face characteristics are said to be Monica’s small nose, big lips, and pointy chin. 


Jolie is regarded as the most beautiful woman on Earth even without the use of Photoshop or other beauty treatments. The actress obviously doesn’t require any cosmetics or photo retouching. 

Her supporters, however, are accustomed to seeing their favorite movie diva in her true light. 

J. Aniston

The renowned actress appears to have undergone a radical transformation and will never be the same. 

The celebrity has “fake” cosmetics and photo editing, so she does not appear to be herself.

L. Lohan

If Lindsey did not have an addiction, she may look just like this. 

It’s unfathomable how drastically Photoshop alters a person’s appearance! 

P. Cruz

Many people think the actress resembles Russian model I. Shayk thanks to these beauty enhancements. The two stars somehow resembled one another so much. 


In this picture, Shakira doesn’t appear like herself. The performance gives off the impression of being a regular person. 

B. Hadid

This is how the supermodel appears when she wears “Instagram makeup” on the diva’s face. 

D. Johnson

The gifted actress never fails to excite her viewers, cosmetics or not. 

Of course, the star appears lovely in person, but the Photoshopped photo is far better.

S. Gomez

Nobody will contest the fact that Selena, despite the fact that her face has been altered through photo editing, is an emblem of beauty and femininity to millions of people.

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