“This is true love!” He’s 63, she’s 23!”: The millionaire proposed to his girlfriend on the Cannes red carpet

At the Cannes Film Festival, a couple with an almost 40-year age gap walked the red carpet. 

Milos Kant, 63, devised an exquisite manner to propose to his 25-year-old Portuguese fiancée Margarita Aranha. 

In front of the cameras, the millionaire knelt in front of the girl and presented her with a ring. Milos’ marriage proposal was accepted by Margarita.

 The bride documented this delightful moment on Instagram. “I said yes. The most amazing occasion of my life! I love you so much,” she wrote below the photo. 

In mid-April, the pair began dating. Margarita and Milos met for the first time in a nightclub where she was a dancer and he was a co-owner. 

Just a few weeks after that fateful encounter, the dancer was promoted to the club’s managing director of festivals.

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