This person notices somebody throwing away a plastic bag and then finds out it’s a puppy

We are hopeful she will have a bright future because she is such a sweet and friendly dog.

A Gloucester, England, resident was out on a stroll one day when she noticed someone getting out of a white truck and placing a plastic bag in a trash can.

It’s a good thing that they did because they walked over to investigate since something about it felt strange. It turned out that the object was anything but a plastic bag; instead, it was a tiny, 8-week-old puppy.

The fact that the puppy had been treated like trash surprised the person. She was soon picked up and transported to the veterinarian, and help from the RSPCA’s Cotswold Dogs & Cats Home was requested.

According to a press statement from a member of the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home staff called Haley Medlock, “Poor Winnie had been cruelly placed in a bin like rubbish.”

It genuinely shocks me. We suspect she had been abandoned because she could not walk due to a malformation in one of her front legs that fused her elbow at an angle.

Her breeder might not have been able to sell her in such a condition, or she could not have been able to afford the required veterinary treatment.

In any instance, leaving her vulnerable and abandoned is just wrong.

In addition to her deformed limb, Winnie has had a couple of seizures since being brought in by the RSPCA, which they are presently investigating.

Despite her health concerns, she is a really cheerful, energetic dog, and everyone is very grateful that she will have a second shot at life.

“She is such a fun-loving youngster,” said Winnie’s foster mother Ebony Poole in a news release. She settles up on my lap after her playing and takes a sound nap.

Winnie will undergo physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to help her adjust to life with only three legs after having her malformed limb removed in about 15 weeks.

Although Winnie’s rescue has already incurred significant financial costs, they are ready to do anything. With everything she has been through, they want to make sure she has the greatest life possible.

She is currently my top concern, and Poole said, “I’m hoping the public will help us take care of Winnie and get rid of the maltreatment she’s already experienced at the early age of just eight weeks.”

Winnie actually faces several challenges before she is ready to be taken on, but in the interim, her heroes provide her with a lot of love and support.

She is enjoying her time with Ebony and is already picking up new skills, according to Medlock. Because she is such a loving and outgoing dog, we are optimistic about her prospects following surgery.

She should make a full recovery and be happy living on just three legs!

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