This shelter cat adores standing like a person to beg for tasty treats

He enjoys being patted…

Bruno handed himself into Wright-Way Rescue in Illinois in April as a result of his disagreements with the kids in his household. The officials at the shelter said Bruno’s weight was a serious problem that needed to be addressed.

He weighed 25 pounds, which made it difficult for him to flee from kids when he needed his own place. Bruno the big cat only wants to be loved and taken care of. He likes to make things up in front of the people he loves. The peculiar thing about Bruno is his predilection for standing on his hind legs. He consumes food whenever he feels like it, and the result is pleasurable since he receives his preferred delicacies in this way.

Erin Thomas, a Wright-Way Rescue staffer, told The Dodo, “If he wants to live to be an old man, he has to shed at least 10 pounds at 25 pounds and above. We are currently approaching it to pound for pound. I think he is overweight because he is “overloved”. Along with standing on his hind legs, Bruno engages in a variety of odd habits and quirks.

As he is eating, he likes to be caressed. He will meow and glare at you until you pet him. He can eat without being petted, yet for some reason he likes company. He also likes to drink water, but he won’t use water dispensers in the kitchen. Instead, he needs a lot of water pitchers scattered about the home.

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