This story is about a stunning white Arabian horse from Frankfurt, Germany

The horse strolls around the city’s streets every morning. Because it is familiar with the road, the horse doesn’t need to be led. 

About fifteen years ago, Jenny’s 25-year-old owner passed away. She commutes alone on foot. Jenny used to be a part of a harnessed caravan. Werner Weischedel was the horse’s owner. Werner’s wife was left alone with Jenny after he passed away at the age of 82. 

At first, she took the horse for a walk before deciding that Jenny was managing just fine without her. Every day she lets Jenny out of the stall and strolls serenely across the city. There was not a single incident throughout this time because of Jenny. 

She is adored by Frankfurters, who eagerly await her daily departure from the house. The horse is frequently petted, given food, and even cleaned up after by onlookers.

All around the country, people are familiar with the story of the wandering horse. 

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